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Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre

Christchurch, New Zealand

The Centre is a place for everyone ~ whether you are looking for mindfulness or in-depth Meditation, weekly evening Yoga classes, the unconditional love of Healing or Counselling/Coaching therapies, or to have a peaceful Retreat with time to de-stress.


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Videos on Pure Meditation, Hatha Yoga Classes, Retreats, Healing and Counselling/ Coaching are coming soon.

About Mata Yogananada Mahasaya Dharma

Mata Yogananda is the Founder and Spiritual Head of the worldwide Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres, which Mata Yogananda founded with her partner Peter Sevananda.

After a varied early life Mata Yogananda met Paramahansa Yogananda, and was opened to her true spiritual self and her work.  Mata Yogananda has founded the Centres to give unconditional love and teaching to help all to Self–Realization. Mata Yogananda is still based in the UK and works lovingly to help the many devotees all around the world.


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~ Self-Realized Master for our time ~

‘When the student is ready, the Master appears’. When urgent calls for help go out, when we really want to understand and progress, or when the evolutionary stage of the world reaches a time of optimum opportunity, then a Master comes to show us God within and our path to our own Self–Realization.

Mata Yogananda was asked by the Divine Power, through her Guru Paramahansa Yogananda and the Masters, to be a Guru in this age, to the many souls who are awakening and seeking Universal Truth, Unconditional Love and Wisdom, within and without. ‘Guru’ means ‘dispeller of darkness’, thus to have a Guru means that Light is shed over, within and around us so that we can see more clearly our own true selves and our own path.

Mata Yogananda was asked to bring Pure Meditation to souls who are ready to really move forward spiritually, who are desirous of opening to the Love and Wisdom within them and living that truth in a practical way. Pure Meditation saves souls from aeons of suffering and restless searching. Mata Yogananda has given her life and her very being to help others to freedom; to open the door to joy, peace, creativity, health, happiness and fulfilment. That means for you too.

We are blessed indeed to be alive at this time: Mata Yogananda is there for all souls, with a heart so full of Love for us all, each of us known, accepted, guided and helped forward as far as we choose to go. To know the presence of Mata Yogananda in our lives is to experience Love and Light beyond words.

Mata Yogananda has given us a promise:

‘Self Realization can be yours in this lifetime – if you truly desire it.

I am at the door – holding it open for you to enter into my heart and listen to the truths
that will set you free, and, find your God within’

Courses, Classes, Therapy, Events & Retreats

Founded in 1995 to be a tranquil place of wellness of body, mind and spirit, offering practical help without dogma and with unconditional love. The Centre offers something every day of the year and we would love to meet you and talk with you about your interests and how we can help. View our schedule for the full list of offerings. You can also see what Coming Up on our home page. Contact us anytime for more information.

The Christchurch Sister Centre

The Christchurch, New Zealand Sister Centre was founded in 1995 by Mata Yogananda. The family that lives at the Centre have been trained to continue Mata Yogananda’s work, and do so with the guidance of her experience, love, and wisdom. Mata Yogananda has called Christchurch the ideal place for a Centre, and indeed it is. Just 10 minutes from Christchurch city centre, and even closer to the airport, it is easily accessible to all. This location makes it convenient for our yoga classes and Healing clinic, as well as the courses, retreats, and events held at the Centre. The Centre is set well back off the road, offering a much needed oasis. It is common for people to comment on feeling the peace as they walk down the long driveway towards the Centre, including on their first visit.

“Each Centre offers full teachings and guidance on the aspects of the mind, body and spiritual self, with peace, love and wisdom as its essence. Yet each Centre has its own special flavour of its own country, with its own individuality. The doors are wide open to you all, with complete freedom in every sense of the word. May you be blessed in finding what you truly seek.” ~ Mata Yogananda

Beliefs and Aims of the Centre
  1. The spreading of the truth.
  2. That there is no death, only organised life.
  3. That scientific and spiritual knowledge lead to Self~Realization, peace and harmony.
  4. To bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit of all God’s living creatures.
  5. To show that LOVE is the strongest energy force there is, anywhere.
  6. To show that all people and all religions will lead eventually to the one and same pathway, to Self~Realization and God.
  7. That knowledge will dispel ignorance and fear and make us whole.
  8. To provide pure thoughts to beget high minds.
  9. To find our true selves through Pure Meditation.
  10. To rid ourselves of all negative states of the mind and body.
  11. To spread unconditional love throughout the world.
  12. To uphold the wisdom of the Masters, such as Jesus, Babaji, Buddha and the Saints.
  13. To prove that there are many Masters and many Mansions ~ for us all.


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The Centre is in a peaceful residential area, set well back from the road in beautiful, spacious gardens.  Several majestic trees around the property make the Centre easily spotted from a distance and give the garden a park-like feel.  Many vibrant native plants are found throughout the grounds.  Climbers are another favorite, giving textural interest to the gardens.  The climate in Christchurch is ideal for growing produce and the Centre gardens give back generously.  Food grown at the Centre finds its way into most meals served.  In addition to two large vegetable gardens, which have become a feature in their own right, the greenhouse and various fruit trees, vines, and bushes, and even edible weeds, keep us in good supply throughout the year.

In the words of Mata Yoganandaji, “It has a peace and serenity about it that made one feel the presence of the Infinite Beloved.”  Since its inception in 1995, the Sister Centre has steadily grown and evolved and will continue to do so with the blessing of Mata Yoganandaji and her love that is palpable here.  Come and visit ~ walk where the Master has walked.  We always welcome hearing from you and would love to have you stay.

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There are Self Realization Meditation Healing Sister Centres around the world ~ all the Centres welcome hearing from you any time.

Waiwera, Auckland
(+64) 09 421 1404

Vancouver, Canada
(+001) 604 740 0898

New South Wales, Australia
(+61) 415 543 473

Michigan, United States
(+001) 517 641 6201

About the Earthquakes

The Centre buildings suffered structural damage due to the earthquakes of 2010-2011. We are currently working together and seeking help throughout New Zealand to raise funds for our case and for the rebuild. Please visit our Rebuild Page for more information and to help us in our time of need. As has been the case over the last five years of repair work, we will continue in the future to offer courses, retreats, and appointments.  We are blessed to have Seva Cottage that we will be able to operate from in a few year’s time when the main building is being repaired, so that the Centre’s work can carry on uninterrupted.

Volunteering at the Centre

The Centre offers a wonderful opportunity for learning how to live spiritual in this modern day, putting the teachings into day-to-day life. Visit our Volunteer page to learn about the different ways you can be a part of this exciting community of like-minded people.