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The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre is here to help people find peace and health on all levels of their being.  The Centre offers in-depth meditation, weekly yoga classes, healing and counselling appointments, retreats, and courses.

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The Centre is run by qualified teachers, healers and counsellors, living and working together as a spiritual family.  We aim to work with unconditional love at all times, providing support and guidance to those who are in need on any level.  The focus is on providing teaching, care, nurturing for all who desire peace, health, progress, and self-knowledge.  The Centre serves the needs of all people, of all races, backgrounds, and beliefs.  We see each person as unique with individual needs.

Set well back from the road in a peaceful residential area, the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre is a quiet haven of tranquillity.  The spacious, well-established gardens nurture and uplift those who rest therein.  The rooms for meditation, yoga, and relaxation were designed to allow guests to feel at home while they imbibe.  The Centre’s convenient location makes it easily accessible, being just 10 minutes from the city centre and seven minutes from the airport.

Self Realization Meditation Healing CentreA Message from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma:

"All the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres came into being through God of Light and Master Gurus. They are there for you to partake of and imbibe. Each Centre offers full teachings and guidance on the aspects of the mind, body and spiritual self, with peace, love and wisdom as its essence. Yet each Centre has its own special flavour of its own country, with its own individuality.  The doors are wide open to you all, with complete freedom in every sense of the word.  If you wish to visit, write or phone, we say, ‘Welcome – Come’.  May you be blessed in finding what you truly seek."

A Life of Service

The Centre is looking for someone or a couple to come and work alongside us as a Spiritual Family. If this is something that interests you, please contact us so that we can talk more about the Blessings and progress that come from Centre life.

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